Raising millions for charity with CiviContribute


Concern Worldwide works with the poorest people in the poorest countries of the world to enable them to transform their lives. A large portion of Concern's fundraising revenue is brought in through their Drupal powered websites - Concern (http://www.concern.net), Concern Fast (http://www.concernfast.org) and soon to be Concern Challenges (http://www.concernchallenge.org), which all use CiviContribute extensively for their fundraising needs.

Initially built with CiviCRM 2.x and Drupal 5, the sites are now powered with Drupal 6 and CiviCRM 3.x, and a Drupal 7 + CiviCRM 4.x migration is on the cards for 2012.

Concern has some very specific requirements in terms of how they collect data, how they present things to end users of the site, and how they integrate data that comes in through CiviCRM with other parts of their infrastructure. Concern Fast integrates with back end systems through SOAP whilst Concern.net implements a number of customizations to public-facing forms using a combination of CiviCRM's drupal-like hooks (particularly hook_civicrmBuildForm) and customized templates. There are bolt on custom Drupal modules that extend parts of CiviCRM above and beyond what is offered out of the box as well as exposing selected parts of the CiviCRM backend to other parts of Drupal.

Throughout our time working with CiviCRM and Concern, we have contributed a good selection of patches and improvements back to the CiviCRM community, many of which have been rolled into the mainline distribution or released as extension modules on drupal.org such as the themekey_civicrm module.

Email templates stored in the database, customizations to the donation process, integration of CiviCRM's Personal Contribution Pages into Drupal user profile pages… you name it, if it's to do with customizing or fundraising with CiviContribute, we've probably been there and done that, or at least tried it!

Hopefully this session will open your eyes to what CiviContribute is capable of, as well providing some useful real world tips on developing with CiviCRM, particularly in relation to CiviContribute.

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