CiviCon Sponsorship Programme

CiviCRM was the first Source Forge project of the Month in 2011 capping a year of great increase in awareness and uptake. Not just being pulled on the coattails of the Drupal revolution, CiviCRM is a driver in Drupal projects offering a unique backend to turn an organisation's website into its workplace.

Sponsorship Opportunities are now available for the Second CiviCon, to be held in London, UK this Summer on Monday 22nd August at

As a sponsor you will have access to over 100 developers, administrators, users and potential adopters physically at the conference, even hosting a session if appropriate, plus your sponsorship will be promoted online though promotional email blasts, post-conference reports, twitter, audio and video archives and some sessions may even be streamed live.

All profits from the event will be reinvested into the development project. Sponsorship allows us to make this event the best it can be, and enables sponsors to really show their support for the community and what it is achieving.

We are again having 3 levels of Sponsorship:

4 x Gold Sponsors - £1,500

  • Logo (largest) on website in prominent location, page on website that Sponsor can edit
    Logo (largest) on conference signage
  • Mention in all blog posts marketing the conference published by CiviCRM or on
  • Thank you Tweet & Promotional Tweets from Civicrm (nearly a 1000 followers)
  • Logo and url on any print materials
  • Logo on any swag
  • Mention during opening session
  • 3 complementary admissions to CiviCon
  • 50% discount for one participant in the London(?) User OR Developer Training program (Aug 31- Sep 1)

8 x Silver Sponsors - £750

Logo (medium) on website
Logo (medium) on conference signage
Thank you tweet from CiviCRM
Logo and url on any print materials
Logo (medium) on any swag
Mention during opening session
2 complementary admissions to CiviCon

10 x Bronze Sponsors - £250

Text link on website
Logo (small) on conference signage
Text on any print materials
Text on any swag
1 complementary admission to CiviCon